Flying in a dream, stars by the pocketful: Zurich (Taylor’s Version) (2024)

Bonjour, wilkommen en Suisse und auf Eras Tour im Zürich! That’s right! Taylor’s come to Zurich, and here is my guide on important information to know about the city before you go. Tickets, security, transport and sightseeing – I will try to cover this all. unfortunately, I do not live in Switzerland, but rather fortunately, I do have an excellent resource known as friends who have helped me with this guide.

Flying in a dream, stars by the pocketful: Zurich (Taylor’s Version) (1)

An Update on Tickets

Last-minute production hold tickets were released today. These are all seats with limited visibility, however they remain available on Ticketcorner. Locals rejoice! remains open for ticket transfers and remains the safest place for resale. Transfers are only possible via Fansale, so I really would not trust third-party sites at this point in time, as you run the risk of tickets not being delivered.

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Security, Taygating & Preparing for Floor (…Ready For It or not)

The graphic above shows the items which are allowed, and items which are banned. Notably, bags of any and all opacity are permitted, so long as there are no bigger than an A4 sheet of paper. Neither compact cameras nor professional filming equipment are allowed in, and thus it is recommended that you leave yours at home (yes, cameras have been confiscated at most shows where this rule has been in place). Battery packs are allowed, but you must consume all food and drink before entering, or be prepared to face their confiscation.

Other items to leave at home include perfume, sprays, glowsticks and binoculars. It’s worth noting as well that there have been terrible rainstorms in Switzerland in recent days, so while umbrellas are banned, a light waterproof jacket will likely serve you well or, failing this, a waterproof poncho. With this being said, the Tuesday show looks relatively safe from being a reenactment of Noah’s Ark.

Taygating will not be possible, as there will be road closures close to the stadium, and the roads leading to it are only accessible to ticket holders. Anyone without a valid ticket will be refused access to the roads surrounding the stadium. The concert may even be delayed if there is disruption in the surrounding area, so please do not attempt to break the rules.

Queuing is possible from 10am, with early entry (VIP standing) at 14:30. General admission doors open at 15:30, while the show starts at 17:45. The show ends at 22:15 if it does not overrun, giving you plenty of time to head back home.

If you want to buy merchandise, but do not have a ticket, I’d suggest heading to Turbinenplatz between 10:00 and 19:00 on Tuesday or Wednesday. Meanwhile, the merchandise stands within the stadium tend to be less crowded than the ones outside of it, although you will need to pick your moment.

I was on floor at Paris Night 1 and while I did obviously die dead from the experience, I did not faint.

Here is what I did: drank several litres of water each day for the days preceding the concert; drank 2 litres of water the morning of (there are actually dispensers within the stadium and they will hand out water to those queuing, so you already win); stole my friends key’s, locked the doors and threw my own personal feast the morning of the concert; wore incredibly comfortable shoes (lugged platform converse to be precise); wore earplugs (Loop Experience); sat down as much as possible before the show started; and had the most sparkling, flawless enchanting night.

I don’t think my example should be followed in many cases in life, however, I did have the absolute time of my life and at no point felt weak or dehydrated. My friend got us both water when we got to the stadium, however his bladder made a strategical error in that it needed to be emptied, which took 45 minutes, several near-death experiences and most of Paramore’s set by the time he made it back from the urinals. If you can, avoid needing to go to the toilet while on floor as you may not make it back if you were near the barricade.

We were non-VIP and we had pretty excellent views of Taylor all night from about 10 rows back. The below is actually a screenshot from a video with no zoom taken from where we were standing. Magical!

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Nothing good starts in a getaway car (how to use public transport instead)

The roads around the Letzigrund Stadium will be closed and access will be restricted. You are strongly encouraged to used public transport to get to the stadium. Helpfully, the closest station is also called Letzigrund. Extra trains will also run to get you to and from the concert safely. Given the relatively early finish time, you should be safe if you need to catch a train out of the city.

The main train station (Zürich Hauptbahnhof) is under 3km from the stadium, and you can walk there if the queue for the tram is too long. The journey on the line 2 tram between the main station and the stadium is about 15 minutes, so this is obviously preferable.

To navigate around Zürich and, indeed, Switzerland, you can use CityMapper as within most of Europe. SBB has a very useful app for navigating Swiss transport, and you can buy tickets within the app, which also offers live timetable updates. There are even special Swiftie Trains for the days of the concerts.

You can buy 24-hour travelcards for Zürich on this app, which cost 6.40 CHF for 2nd class, or 11 CHF for 1st for a card which will cover zones 1-2 (which includes the stadium and Hauptbahnhof).

If you’re travelling further afield, you can buy a Swiss rail pass for between 3 and 15 days, which will set you back between 244 CHF (3 days in 2nd Class) and 723 CHF (15 days in 1st Class) assuming that you are more than 25 years old and travelling alone. There is a flexible pass if you’re planning on travelling on non-consecutive days.

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Other events in Zurich (Taylor’s Version)

To get you firmly in the mood for Taylor while also seeing a bit of the city, the Zürich tourism office has put together a list of different aspects of the city as Eras:

❤️ Red – Polybahn
💕 Lover – Stauffacher in Spring
🍂 Folklore – Limmatquai in Autumn
🍁 Evermore – Sihl Riverbank in Autumn
🌌 Midnight – Limmatquai in Winter at Night
📚 TTPD – The B2 Wine Library

Of course, you won’t be able to visit winter Zürich in July, or see the autumn leaves this week, but you can still make a fun trail out of these places for your own amusem*nt.

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Other things to do in Zurich (and in the surrounding area)

Allow me to be unapologetically touristy and tell you that, as an esteemed connaisseuse of chocolate, Swiftzerland has the best. Lindt Home of Chocolate is the best-known museum, however there is no shortage of chocolatiers in this country. My personal favourite chocolate is Villars. Please send me a box if you enjoy this guide. While I usually avoid shopping like the plague, I would be powerless to resist the likes of Confiserie Teuscher, Confiserie Honold or Vollenweider to name but three.

Now that the truly important item is out of the way, you are free to explore Altstadt at your leisure. Wander through Neiderdorf and then ascend the Grossmünster to see a view of the city so gorgeous that you can’t say anything to its face, because look at this place. It’s gorgeous! However, perhaps the most stunning aspect of this city is the lake – and in between the thunderstorms, it looks like the perfect place to relax. Perhaps with a picnic? Rieterpark and Werdinsel are perhaps the most accessible places.

If you’d prefer that a knowledgable guide show you around Zürich, I’d suggest GuruWalk for their excellent free walking tours (tipping is necessary). Otherwise, GetYourGuide offer easy access to affiliate links and historical walking tours and panoramic walking tours if you prefer. If you have the time, you can even see four countries in one day!

Back to the cheese and the chocolate, GetYourGuide may also do you a solid and sort you out with Lindt Home of Chocolate tickets, which are sold out elsewhere until 24 July. If you would like to partake in what I envisage as the chocolate equivalent of a booze cruise, there is also that option. You can even combine cheese, chocolate and the Rhine falls. Endless possibilities!

If you’re thinking of venturing outside the city (which you should!), consider Mount Pilatus (via Lucerne) for incredible panoramic views or Titlis if you want to see snow in the summer plus the panoramic views. Further afield, you should consider Zermatt, Lugano and Interlaken if you’re spending more time in Zurich and want to visit beautiful lakeside towns against the Alpine backdrop.

Nightjet actually connects you to many major cities within Europe like Vienna, Munich and Amsterdam, while cities like Milan and Paris are reachable within a few hours on a standard train.

Did you think you’d make it through a post from me without a reference to a horse? Think again. Avenches is home to the Swiss National Stud.

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One last word from me

  1. I hope you have enjoyed my guide and I am sorry that it is late and cobbled together.
  2. Look after your feet, your spine and your ears. Sit down as much as possible, wear earplugs and please wear shoes that will not make your regret everything on this most joyous occasion.
  3. Make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste all of the food because it is your fuel.
  4. Only go to the stadium if you have a ticket, or you will be turned away.
  5. Remember to visit outside of Zurich, because there is so much more of Switzerland to see!
  6. There are 4 official languages in Switzerland and most people speak perfect English. Zurich is firmly in German-speaking territory, but they will usually understand you still in French if you want to make an effort. Standard German and Mountain German are quite different, and Italian, while an official language is not as widely spoken. If you speak Romansh, I take my hat off to you.
  7. Stay hydrated, because it will be super difficult to capture and remember the moment if you faint.
  8. Treat Paramore with your best crowd energy, because you will still have energy for Taylor freaking Swift.
  9. Do bring plenty of friendship bracelets and remember that going all out with the costumes is part of the fun – and also how we start the party early and keep it going throughout your time in Zurich.
Flying in a dream, stars by the pocketful: Zurich (Taylor’s Version) (2024)
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